Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Region that Food Saved

Hardwick, VT has a closely interlinked network of food producers, processors and retailers that form as close to a model sustainable local food system as it gets. Read Ben Hewitt's profile of Hardwick, The Town That Food Saved, for details, or watch a nice profile by Dan Rather here.

The Center for an Agricultural Economy, the non-profit that helped coordinate the cluster of businesses that are at the heart of Hardwick's emerging alternative food economy just released a comprhensive plan for the entire Northeast Kingdom.  Following a mapping of the region's agrifood assets, the plan outlines steps to nurture the mix of farmers and related businesses that will help to grow the economy sustainably. 


  1. There was also recently a short, interesting NPR feature on 'the other half of the story' ... it's here:

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